P’tit Cochon Santé

The mission of the restaurant "Au P'tit Cochon Santé" is to offer its customers an experience of flavors combining pleasure, discovery and health.

Our chef, Stéphane Richert

Great explorer, let himself be lulled by international flavors and create dishes worthy of the word innovation.

Originally from France, he brings a wealth of ideas, concepts, techniques and unparalleled experience. The atmosphere of the kitchen is alive and sunny by its presence. This prodigy of cooking has a real passion for food and makes this restaurant, the place to be in Rosemère.

The original and distinctive concept, healthy cuisine, offers you a variety of updated dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. We will push the concept of health thoroughly, cooking, preparing and preserving food that will promote maximum freshness and flavors.

The restaurant is constantly looking for new products to be able to offer different menus in the colors of our seasons. Local businesses are of course involved for this purpose.

Not to mention all the products that make our difference since the opening and that allow us to stay at the forefront of the restaurants of breakfasts / dinners

Fresh bread is not made by us but by a Quebec-based company known as “Première Moisson” which has been and remains a precursor in the field of bakery using no chemical inputs and using only wheat flour produced at home. Quebec. (http://www.premieremoisson.com)

Cooked pancetta, made with lean, salted and dried bacon, contains less fat and calories than a traditional bacon.

Budwig cream, a mixture of fruits, ground cereals and dairy products, is recommended at breakfast for its preventive role of cancer. It contains only raw, natural and organic foods.

We use a wide variety of fresh fruits for our different seasonal preparations when the market offers it: strawberries from Quebec, apples from St-Joseph-du-lac, …

Our Fair Trade Organic Coffee is roasted by a well-known Coffee Union company. This company provides us with a blend of its best grains and ensures exclusivity on its recipe. We are committed to the fair market because it provides an appropriate wage for the workforce around the world and organic farming to extract an all-natural grain. (https://www.cafeunion.com/)

The sausages are made in Terrebonne by a small craft company. (http://www.3petitscochonsverts.com/)

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Come and have a good time in our restaurant to discover our passion for health food but nonetheless gourmet as well as the culinary innovations always renewed and balanced that make our reputation. We invite you now to discover the warm and family atmosphere created by all staff to satisfy you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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